Reflexology Foot Chart – The Full Rundown

Reflexology is a treatment where a therapist, reflexologist, physically applies pressure to the feet of the patient. Reflexologists rely on reflexology foot charts to locate the proper zones, to apply their massage techniques.

Reflexologists have special massage techniques, that are sometimes done without any lotion or ointments of any kind. Many reflexologists will have several different reflexology foot chart s on hand. The reflexologist will interview the patient to find problem areas. Then using a reflexology foot chart, the reflexologist will figure out exactly where to apply their energies.

Like all things in life, not all reflexologists are created equal. The whole key to reflexology working is the reflexology foot chart. Not only do you need an accurate and up to date reflexology foot chart, but you need a reflexologist that can accurately interpret the reflexology foot chart.

You can have a perfectly good reflexology foot chart, but if your therapist reads it wrong, or misdiagnoses, then your treatment may fail to provide the desired solutions. Meaning that you will not see the results that you were looking for.

Checking out a reflexologist can be challenging. No matter how bad a doctor is, they have patients that love them. That’s just the way it goes. To some people, anyone carrying a reflexology foot chart , must be good. But you can easily find a qualified reflexologist, that you can trust.

The best way to check out a reflexologist, is to ask around. Of course you can ask your friends and relatives. But I would go a couple of steps further. Your family members may know about reflexology, but I rather doubt it. Most families don’t use alternative treatments like reflexology, that’s why they call them ‘alternative’. Many of them will look at you funny, if you ask about a reflexology foot chart.

Instead, I would recommend that you talk to people at your local health food store. If the store is a smaller mom and pop store, then try to talk to one of the owners. Many times they will know a lot more than the young kids working at a chain store, or at a local grocery store. A lot of times they live an alternative lifestyle, and will be quite familiar with reflexology. They may even have their own reflexology foot chart. And I’d be surprised if they didn’t sell reflexology foot charts at their store. If nothing else, they can order a reflexology foot chart for you.

Many health food stores hold weekend seminars, where local alternative health care providers come in and give a talk. Our local store had a reflexologist come in and explain all about how to read reflexology foot charts and about the different zones.

Sometimes local professionals come in and actually provide a service, or present a demonstration. For example, a reflexologist may actually perform reflexology for people needing pain relief, or help with other problems. This would be a good chance to not only see a reflexology foot chart, but also to see someone interpret a reflexology foot chart.

When you talk to your local store, ask them if they have any seminars, or workshops, coming up anytime soon. If nothing else, the store will probably be able to refer you to a local professional in reflexology. Foot charts are the maps of reflexology.

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