Reflexology Foot Chart – How To

Using a reflexology foot chart to plan out a foot massage can unleash a huge healing force that can help people with headaches, fatigue, not sleeping, and a host of other problems. Simply figure out what part of your body is having problems. Then take a look at a reflexology foot chart, and see what areas the reflexology foot chart recommends that you need to concentrate on.

A reflexology foot chart will also show you how to release the healing power for many internal diseases. Using a reflexology foot chart can help with high blood pressure, kidney or liver problems, and even heart disease. In fact, properly using a reflexology foot chart can help with almost any disease known to man. And unlike surgery or drugs, it’d be hard to massage anyone to death.

And receiving a reflexology treatment from someone using a reflexology foot chart, can be one of the most enjoyable experiences you have ever had. It will equal a full body massage if done properly. And if you have a reflexology foot chart, your chances of doing it right, greatly increase.

So how can we do a proper reflexology massage using a reflexology foot chart? The first step is to make sure that your hands are clean, and that your nails are trimmed.

Then you should consult a reflexology foot chart. If your ‘patient’ has any complaints, then a reflexology foot chart will tell you where to spend some extra time with your massage.

When you handle someone else’s feet, try not to tickle them. Tickling causes jumping and may worsen any pain. Hold the feet firmly, but not too tight. Avoid light touching and light massaging, as that may tickle.

Many times feet will have sore, or achy parts. These areas will need additional care. Using a firm, but gentle, massage is the way to approach those areas. Avoid trying to go deep with your massage. After a few seconds of gentle massaging, the soreness will decrease and you’ll be able to massage slightly deeper.

Now I recommend using a lotion. This will help with dryness as well as reduce friction. You might check any callous area using your reflexology foot chart. You might be surprised at what you find. Any good body lotion will work fine. Always apply lotion to your hands, then warm the lotion by rubbing your hands together. Then you can transfer the lotion to the massage area.

After you have checked your reflexology foot chart, then you are ready to begin. The best way to start a reflexology massage is by starting just above the ankles. Your job here is to relax all of the muscles, ligaments and tendons. Massage the ankle and all the contours around the joint. Then work your way to the foot.

Begin by spreading the lotion using long strokes. Begin at the ankle, and end at the toes, doing the top of the foot. Go from the ankle to the toes several times to warm the foot, especially the toes.

Make sure and keep your reflexology foot chart handy, so that you can review it as needed.

Next apply lotion to the sole of the foot. Do this by applying the lotion to your hands first. Use two hands and keep your thumbs on the sole of the foot and your fingers on the top. Start at the heel and massage towards the toes. Do the entire bottom of the foot moving from the heel, through the arch, to the ball of the foot and finally ending at the toes. When you get to the toes make sure to gently massage between the toes. Repeat this several times. Be sure to keep checking your reflexology foot chart to make sure you get all the problem areas.

Then using your reflexology foot chart will allow you to concentrate your efforts on problem areas. You will be surprised at how good it will feel using a reflexology foot chart, for a massage.

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