Reflexology and Autism… Will it help?

Studies regarding the use of reflexology for Autism. Does it help?
In a nut shell, yes, reflexology does help. But you can do some simple
techniques every day at home. Improvement may be unnoticeably gradual so a third
party observer might help in assessing effectiveness.

Work on the pituitary, pineal and brain reflex points on the feet and/or hands,
which ever your child best tolerates.

Not many charts on line show the pineal reflex point. Hold up your thumbs
straight up in front of you. On the side of the thumb on the outside (the left
side of the left thumb and the right side of the right thumb), half way down the
nail on the edge of the thumb is the point you are looking for. It’s beside the
nail, not on the nail.

Work the pineal and pituitary reflex point with your thumb or finger. Pressure
should be firm but not painful. I prefer to use the edge of my thumb and “hook”
in an upward (or towards the tip) motion without sliding off the point. Don’t
use lotions at this point because you want grip, not slip.

The technique for working the brain reflex is called thumb rotation. Hold the thumb, fingers or toes firmly with one hand, and rotate your thumb on the tip of the fingers/thumbs/toes with the other. Make 3 circles in one direction, 3 the other, then 3 more in the original direction. I
don’t think you need to spend more than 20 seconds on each.

Perhaps you belong to a support group and you could hire a reflexologist for a
day to go over what I just gave you. It is difficult to teach reflexology
online, but the techniques are simple to learn and there is no need to take out
a second mortgage to pay for weekly sessions when you can do most of it at home.
When you have a ASD child, you do want to try everything. Speech is the thing we are working hard on. We used to have some speech, and then lost it. So I tried Reflexology and I have to say I am starting to see some progress…..
Reflexology techniques are used throughout the healing world along with Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Massage, Chiropractic’s, Acupressure, Nutrition, Magnetics, etc. These techniques have been practiced for years and are becoming more popular every day due to the results that are being achieved.
Because reflexology’s ever growing popularity there are more and more people getting involved and learning this practice. There are courses and conferences all over the world, from Jordan to Jamaica! In fact, Jamaica will be hosting a conference in February 2012 so please keep this in mind. Moshe Kruchic, Martine Faure-Alderson, Farida Irani, Chris Stormer and Lone Sorenson have tentatively agreed to attend. Beryl Crane is a friend of Jamaica and will also try to make it. There will also be some course held either before or after the conference so start saving your pennies for a wonderful learning experience.

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